How can I find good Prebiotics and Probiotics?

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How Can I find Good Prebiotics and Probiotics?

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Edward A. Layne, M.D., Editor

How can I find  good Prebiotics and Probiotics?

It is always best to begin with food-based [natural] Prebiotics and Probiotics, if these can be tolerated. These include fiber rich natural foods, such as fruits, greens, grains, and vegetables. Foods that contain natural Probiotics include yogurt, sauerkraut,  kimchee and fermented foods.

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Some insurance companies will cover a Probiotic that can be prescribed by your doctor. Many nutritionists are also trained to advise you on Prebiotics and quality probiotics supplements. Some large health food stores such as Whole Foods™ and Sprouts™ often have individuals in the vitamin and supplement departments that have undergone additional training to make suggestions on Probiotic and other nutritional supplements.

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