Covid 19 Vaccination Letter for Providers

A Covid 19 Vaccination Letter for Providers, for your state and Congressional representatives

RE:          A proposal to ensure the immediate administration of Covid 19 vaccines to patients in the US

There has been a resurgence of COVID-19 infection in the United States and it is imperative that we begin to provide COVID-19 vaccines to as many of our patients in the US as quickly as possible.  Local distribution and injection of the Covid 19 vaccine to patients have been cited as possible roadblocks to timely vaccination of the population. We understand that  the storage of the Pfizer vaccine is challenging and agree that locations for injection of this vaccine should be restricted to hospitals and medical centers that have the capacity to maintain the ultralow temperatures that are required to maintain the integrity of this vaccine.

On the other hand, the US is fortunate to have an existing network of hundreds of thousands of licensed practicing physicians, physicians assistants and nurse practitioners that have already been trained to administer vaccines. Most of these licensed medical “Providers” already have refrigerators in their offices to store medicines like the Moderna vaccine that need routine refrigeration. These licensed medical Providers can easily be recruited to vaccinate millions of their existing patients across the US. This will ease the burden that is currently being placed on the pharmacies and other parties that have been contracted by the federal government to administer Covid-19 vaccines to patients in the US.

We are proposing that the state of Georgia immediately begin to designate the existing physicians’ offices throughout the state as sites for administration of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  The state and federal government can immediately stock the offices of licensed physicians and Providers with the Moderna vaccine and negotiate a price for administering the vaccines to each patient. This allows state authorities to immediately begin administering the COVID-19 vaccinations to large numbers of patients across Georgia.

This vaccine distribution system can easily be duplicated in other states across the country to vaccinate millions of patients in an abbreviated timeframe. The federal and state governments can provide additional assistance to their licensed medical practitioners by ensuring that the existing refrigerators in the practitioners’ offices are equipped with up to date thermostats that will maintain the Moderna vaccine at the optimum storage temperature. Available technology to remotely monitor the temperature in each Provider’s refrigerator is available for pennies per Provider per month, if needed.

We encourage you to submit a copy of this document to your local medical association, your local and state health organizations. Explain that you are a licensed healthcare Provider and that you would be happy to work with CDC, local, state and federal authorities to provide timely Covid 19 injections to the millions of patients that we, as Providers collectively see in the United States and territories.