Preventive Health And Cancer Prevention Tips : #1 – Nutrition

TIP No. 1 of 12

This is the first  tip  of twelve (12)  simple changes you can use that may reduce your  cancer risk and improve your overall health.

Tip #1 Nutrition: 

Eat a ‘rainbow assortment’ of leafy greens, fruits & vegetables every day for healthy nutrition.**

What to do?

1. Eat lots of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables with every meal.
This pattern of eating provides you with the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that you need to maintain your health.

2. Keep your body slightly alkaline.
Your body, including your immune system, functions best when it is in a slightly alkaline [as opposed to acid] state. Leafy greens, fruits and vegetables help to keep your body slightly alkaline.


3. Use the two-thirds/one-third rule.
As a general rule, two thirds of your plate should consist of the most colorful selection of fruits, greens and vegetables to which you have access, and the other one third of your plate should be a selection of lean proteins [vegetarian, fish or animal proteins] of your choice.

4. Buy certified organic food if available.
Wash all fruits, greens and vegetables thoroughly in clean warm water, or in the vegetable wash of your choice to remove organic material, bacteria, plastic and pesticide residue, before eating.


5. Start your morning with a “green smoothie”.
I suggest that you begin your morning with a “green smoothie”. See Dr. Layne’s recipe for smoothies at


6. Use “Juice Plus™” powder or a similar quality product.
If you are rushing out the door in the mornings, and you don’t have the time to make a smoothie, then you may want to try a tablespoon of “Juice Plus™” powder or a similar quality, freeze-dried preparation of  organic fruits and vegetables in a glass of water or juice of your choice.


** Note: If you develop itching or signs of an allergic reaction when you start to eat a new food, discontinue the food immediately and seek medical help. Always avoid foods to which you are known to be allergic.

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