Preventive Health and Cancer Prevention Tips: #2 – Nutrition

TIP No. 2 of 12

This is the second tip  of twelve (12)  simple changes you can use that may reduce your  cancer risk and improve your overall health.

Tip #2 Nutrition: 

Minimize your intake of refined carbohydrates and fast foods: Many fast foods consist mainly of refined carbohydrates. These include polished rice, bleached flour, white sugar, potato flour. The  refinement processes may remove many of the important nutrients from these foods.**

What to do?

1. Use the whole food whenever possible.
Use the mixed vegetable section of a buffet rather than the “Pasta”. The “whole” vegetables contain more nutritional value. For example, a baked or boiled potato, contains more nutritional value than most commercially available potato chips. Use standard common-sense precautions when eating raw foods, if you have any questions about the source.

2. Eat Larger Meals Early in the Day
It is best to eat your larger meals early in  the day and to minimize your calorie (food) intake after 6 PM. The old rule that from your grandmothers on managing your nutrition still holds true: eat like a Prince for breakfast; eat like a King for lunch; eat like a Pauper for dinner.


3. Eat Light at Night.
I advise my patients to eat a substantial lunch, with an afternoon snack, and to have a bowl of soup for dinner. If you’re invited out for dinner, you can eat a small amount and ask the restaurant or your host to box the remainder for you. Have the leftovers for breakfast or lunch on the following day

**Caution: If you develop itching or signs of an allergic reaction when you start to eat a new food, discontinue the food immediately and seek medical help. Always avoid foods to which you are known to be allergic.

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